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Peter Sigsgaard's CV (2017)

Short CV focusing on selected activities within the domain of International Development Work.
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Peter Sigsgaard's Detailed CV (Danish)

CV describing in more detailed form the whole of my professional life.
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Peter Sigsgaard's Bibliography

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Short CV
Peter Sigsgaard

Revised January 2017
Education: MA  Cultural Sociology (University of Copenhagen)
Danish citizen, born 1942-12-25, married
Present occupation: Retired; from time to time I take on consultancies


I.          Professional activities

From 1979 to 2005, I worked in a Development NGO, MS
MS = The Danish Association for International Co-operation)  

Over the years I held different positions. Thus I gained a wide experience in issues related to Development Co-operation as practised by NGOs.

 Positions in MS:
Section Leader
1979-82 + 1986 (information, training, and recruitment), 
Director of Country Programme 1983-85 ( Mozambique),
Editor in Publishing House 1987-89, 
Head of Department 1989-93,
1994-97 (MS Training and NGO Support Centre in Tanzania),
Programme Co-ordinator 1997-2005
 (special responsibility: M&E and development of MSC)  

Organisational Development

Development of an M&E strategy for a project to support the rights of Zambian women, to enhance their access to the legal system, and to contribute to the organisational development of the NGO Women and Law in Southern Africa (Zambia).
Consultancy 2008 - 2010
Commisioned by Coda International (UK). Project financed by 
Comic Relief (UK). 
Evaluation of capacity building project. It targeted a regional NGO in Tanzania Consultancy 2006
Team leader.
Contracted by Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations.
Project funded by the Project Counselling Service
Design and implementation of several evaluations of field programmes in countries where MS works Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, working out ToR; Co-operating with external consultants; Member of Evaluation Teams
Design and implementation of a comprehensive evaluation of MS’ overall, partnership based development programme Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, working out ToR; Co-operating with external consultants; Member of Evaluation Team
Introduction of an innovative, qualitative system for monitoring (Most Significant Changes Approach and planning by Quarterly Monitoring Chart) Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, its Field Offices, and Partners in selected countries in the South
Accomplishment of comprehensive structural changes and programme adjustments in MS
Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke
Realignment of MS’ Danish training-centre in Tanzania into an African NGO Support Centre
Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Tanzania
Organisational Development of Major NGOs in Tanzania Member of  an ’NGO Appraisal Mission’ sent by NORAD to Tanzania
(NORAD = Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation)
Development of methods and tools for organisational assessment of Development NGOs In co-operation with Dr. Alan Fowler and other researchers of INTRAC,  Oxford, U.K.
(INTRAC = The International NGO Training and Research Centre)

Leadership Development

Process oriented work with African mid-level managers aiming at their acquiring democratic leadership behaviour and values MS-TCDC, Tanzania
(MS-Training Centre for Development Cooperation)

Human Resource Development

Strengthening of the individual qualifications of 100 employees MS-TCDCTanzania
Team building and motivation of staff to active participation in decision-making and planning processes MS-TCDCTanzania

Networking and Development of Partnerships

Development of MS’ partnership programme in the South; formulation of policy and guidelines for implementation
Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke
Development of Partnership Agreements and fleshing out the Partnership Approach; support to MS’ field offices implementing this approach
Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke
Imparting of knowledge to other international NGOs and researchers; presentation of paper about MS’ particular partnership approach in professional gatherings INTRAC, Oxford, The Ass. of Development Researchers in Denmark (FAU), Danish Refugee Council, Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims (RTC)

Education and Training

Planning and overall implementation of preparatory training targeting MS’ development workers stationed in the South
MS, Training Department, Copenhagen
Development of an officially recognised diploma education for Programme Officers working in development organisations

MS-TCDCTanzania in co-operation with Kimmage Development Studies  Centre, Ireland

Planning of and teaching in standard courses and tailor-made workshops for development professionals. Examples of topics:
  • Development politics and strategies; issues like ”Gender”, ”Environment and Sustainability”, ”Democratisation and Human Rights”, ”Corruption”
  • Participatory Methodologies for Development
  • Organisational Development, NGO management, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Project Planning and Project Management
MS-TCDCTanzania and workshops for MS field officers and partners in:
Guatemala and Nicaragua

Supervision of other programme staff doing the same in remaining MS programme countries

Imparting Knowledge and Facilitation of Learning 

Editing of stories  (Storytellers' Corner) written by development workers to the Danish webmedium Globalnyt (Global News)Editor of  Fortällerhjörnet (Storytellers' Corner) in
Lectures and facilitation of workshops Danish NGOs, MS-DK, and MS’ field offices and partners in the South
Editing of books and other printed publications Editor, MS Publishing
Radio producer; journalistic features and comprehensive, thematic radio programmes Freelance, Radio Denmark

Overall Project Management

Chairman of Steering Committee for humanitarian development project. The committee appoints the project manager and  supervises implementation continuously Consortium of Danish Refugee Council, ADRA Denmark, and MS. Project assisting South Sudanese Refugees in Northern Uganda

II.        Working Experience Abroad

Tanzania (50 months)
Mozambique (40 months)
Lesotho (3 months)
Nepal (1 month)
El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala (3 months)
Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe (Total, approx. 8 months)
Furthermore frequent research sojourns in Greenland. 
Widely travelled in nearly all countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Israel, Syria, Thailand, and Japan

III.        Education

PhD (  Cultural Sociology   University of Copenhagen   1972

Shorter, professional courses

  • Logical Framework, Monitoring Project Portfolios
  • Management and Development Foundation (MDF), The Netherlands, 1997
  • Initiating and Monitoring Evaluations of Development Projects,
    Management and Development Foundation (MDF), The Netherlands, 1997
  • Experiential and Action Learning
    Little & van de Geer (MDF),  Hornbäkhus, Denmark, 1994
  • Organisational Assessment of Development NGOs
    Alan Fowler, Brian Pratt, and Rick James (INTRAC), Norway, 1993


IV.        Additional Occupational Experience  

Radio Denmark
Section Leader (substitute), Pre-School TV and Radio Section, Children and Youth Department, 1977-79.
During 1963-1977: Freelance radio producer
Teacher at a training college (Sociology and Social Psychology),
Fröbelseminariet, Copenhagen, 1967-71 & 1974-75
Research related to social science, especially:
”Danske FN-soldaters fredsbevarende indsats paa Cypern ” (1969) [The Peacekeeping Effort of Danish UN-soldiers in Cyprus]

”Voldskriminalitet og drab i Grönland
” (1972-74) [Crimes of Violence and Homicide in Greenland];

Both activities financed by The Danish Social Science Research Council


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